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I just have a God-given assignment and training in therapeutic conversations to make adulting easier.


Hi! I am Jenna and Jesus is the Mighty Counselor in your life, not me.

- CMT Client

"Not only did she help me understand and manage my grief, but we were able to work through several other deep emotional issues together. I now have an incredible set of practical tools to help me manage my life and my relationships along with a new, healthy outlook for my future."

"Jenna was instrumental in helping me navigate the most difficult season of my life."

- CMT Client

"I had been to other counselors previously and thought I just couldn't forgive past hurts and move on. I knew that I had triggers from past trauma, and I just wanted help to "get over it and move on". She taught me that I didn't have to "get over it", but I could learn to process the trauma and have it be a part of my story that strengthens me. Over the next several months, we worked through the trauma, and she taught me tools to use moving forward. I had individual sessions and couple sessions throughout our time together. I am a healthier person and my marriage is healthier than it has ever been thanks to her expertise, guidance and prayer. I highly recommend Jenna to anyone recovering from trauma or anyone who just would like tools for abundant living with a whole heart."

"When I came to Jenna I had walls up that I didn't even know existed."

- CMT Client

"After several years of undergoing a variety of hardships including marital issues, divorce, and deep depression, I was beyond spent mentally. In desperation, I reached out to Jenna and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Incredibly relatable and easy to talk to, Jenna helped me recognize and reverse thought patterns that were keeping me a prisoner of life. Within a few short months she had a significant impact in changing my life’s direction and I am forever grateful."

"Absolute Godsend, I highly recommend."

- CMT Client

"In a time when I felt completely overwhelmed, Jenna's kind, peaceful and patient approach made me feel a little more anchored. She gently helped me understand my value and worked with me to make difficult choices. She always had an encouraging word. The grace and love of God shines through her, and she has an obvious passion for and experience in a variety of therapy techniques. I would recommend Jenna to anyone."

"I started working with Jenna during a period of deep grief, loss and change in my life."